Because black lives matter.

A global civil and human rights movement is on its way. We can not go back to the way things were. Below are the demands to our government. BLM WALES will work to make these happen and we need your help.


We demand that the Welsh government accurately and authentically represent the contributions of Black people and other ethnic minorities in the curriculum across all subjects, particularly History, English Literature, Art, Welsh Language, Religious Education and Music. This entails embedding a nuanced, all-encompassing and historically accurate account of Black figures and works that have been integral to the listed subjects with a specific focus on Black Welsh figures and works. Black culture has been, and continues to be, integral to the Welsh identity. We want this to be properly acknowledged within our education system(s).

We demand the full implementation of the Equality Act Public Sector Duty into education in Wales including; mandatory anti-racism training for all teachers and administrative staff, mandatory anti-racism for all trainee teachers implemented in PGCE curriculum and improvement in the monitoring and recording of hate incidents in schools and universities.

We demand a homogenisation of racism and anti-racism policies across schools in Wales.


We demand that the Welsh government implement compulsory racial bias, hate-crime and de-escalation training for every single person working in the public sector.
We demand that the Welsh government screen every potential public servant for any racist tendencies or bigotry. Those that fail this screening will not be able to become a public servant of any kind.


In accordance with All Black Lives UK (ABLUK), we demand that the Welsh government commit to implementing the following reviews that have already been undertaken:
Windrush Lessons Learned Review (30 recommendations)
Lammy Review (35 recommendations)
Timpson Review (30 recommendations)
McGregor-Smith Review (26 recommendations)
Angliolini Review (110 recommendations)


We demand that the Welsh government commit to funding grassroots BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) organisations that evidence their engagement with young BME citizens across the country.
We demand ringfenced funding for organisations working with BME communities in Wales.
We demand a greater diversity of funded BME organisations in Wales to minimise cultures of favouritism embedded in Welsh governmental culture.


As Wales is a Nation of Sanctuary, we demand that the Welsh government actively Mitigate the impact of the UK Home Office’s Hostile Environment policy.


We demand an inquiry into institutional racism in Welsh police forces.
We demand that the Welsh government commission an independent review of stop-and-searches in Wales which disproportionally effects Black people and other ethnic minorities.
We demand the elimination of the prison industrial complex (the prison-for-profit model) which is implemented in some parts of Wales.


We demand a museum to safeguard the history and archival heritage of BME communities in Wales.
We demand permanent exhibitions on the heritage and history of BME communities in pre-existing museums in Wales such as Amgueddfa Cymru/National Museum of Wales in Cardiff, Saint Fagans and other museums across Wales.
We demand a public inquiry into why the Public Sector Equality Duty has not been upheld in museums across Wales.


We demand that the Welsh government create a national BAME citizens assembly with young people at its core. They must be consulted before any new legislations are passed, particularly legislation that impacts the future generations of BAME communities within Wales.

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